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Why We’re Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is on Sunday and we couldn’t be more ready to celebrate the green holiday! Earth Day is a significant event on the calendar for several reasons, however, the most important of all, is uniting the country to support and create a sustainable Earth for all. We celebrate Earth Day every year because we find it to be incredibly important for not only our business but for the future of our environment. With a European background, our company values the European way of life. In Europe, it seems like life slows down to some degree – food is savored and is always organic, deriving straight from the Earth and typically bought from a local source. Although not always the case, most cities in Europe make the possibility of a sustainable life more realistic and easier to enjoy than throughout America. 


In most European cities, walking is encouraged and possible, while in the US, cities like Atlanta and Dallas make public transportation and walking to destinations more difficult. As each suburb is made more pedestrian friendly, these small strides, are ones we find are slowly helping the Earth. The US has come a long way since Earth Day was introduced in 1970. Since the clean environment movement began, the US has celebrated the farm-to-table movement, become more aware of the importance of urban gardens and immersed themselves in the education of environmentally friendly practices in farming. 


It’s with these small strides in mind, that we set forth to create a business that also embodies these values. We say it time and time again, but just like anyone should take great care in educating themselves about the food they are ingesting, what they are serving their food on is just as important. You wouldn’t put your freshly grown tomatoes, straight from the garden, on a serving board, heavily weighed down by toxic materials like glues and plastics. At Europe2You, Earth Day reminds us of this and more. Our products are made with the most environmentally friendly practices. It is here that you will find reclaimed and recycled materials and handcrafted techniques, with each product individually finished as a piece of artisanal joy. 


While the country, may have a long way to go when it comes to sustainability, we’re happy to celebrate Earth Day with practices and products we know our customers can take home and feel good about. We encourage everyone to join us in celebrating and progressing our clean environment on April 22nd and each and every day after.

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