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our story


etúHOME was founded on the belief that the utilitarian pieces used to prepare, serve and store food in, matters. Our collection reflects this lifestyle, inspired by classically rooted European designs, time honored techniques and honest materials you can trust. Modern Sustainability, it feels good.   


I. We believe in a life well lived

This is what the etúHOME brand is all about. For over a decade, etúHOME has carefully curated a collection of products that are best enjoyed around food, wine, friends and family. We capture the spirit of the quintessential European lifestyle by transforming its utilitarian objects into treasured accents for the modern home. Our entire collection is designed as a reflection of that lifestyle - intended to be woven into day-to-day living. Taking versatility and sophistication to mind, our collection is defined by modern updates to classic styles while keeping sustainability at the forefront of the brand. 


II. We are classically rooted in design

Each piece we create is rooted in the classics and is hand crafted from sustainable materials in order to be truly authentic. Our eye for detail extends to the method in which we create every piece; with the utmost attention to quality and craftsmanship. While we utilize precision equipment in our factory, each new piece is finished by hand in old world style, ensuring a piece of the past resonates with future generations. Every item in our collection tells the story of a past era, each unique in its artisanal craftsmanship. 


III. We practice modern sustainability 

At etúHOME, this primarily means preventing the depletion of natural resources. Our sourcing efforts are truly the heart and soul of the company. We utilize 19th century timber, recycled glass and sustainably harvested beams to craft our products.  As buildings in and around Budapest fall into demolition, we are able to salvage the beams used to support them. We find beauty in extending resources and giving materials a second life. Additionally, our thoughts go beyond the materials we utilize. We believe sustainability should extend beyond the product’s core materials all the way to the factory where the product is made; ensuring a safe environment, a fair living wage, and the contribution to a prosperous and healthy community. At etúHOME we call this Modern Sustainability, and it feels good. 


IV. We believe that quality products start with quality materials

For us this means that ethically sourcing quality materials and then using those materials in a responsible manner to craft our pieces. We are focused on meeting the highest standards in regard to health and safety while still maintaining sustainable practices. By properly procuring our materials we are able to create classically rooted pieces without negatively impacting the environment.  Additionally, each piece is finished by hand with eco-friendly, plant-based beeswax and mineral oil elements.   


V. We are committed to building a “feel good” emotional experience

At etúHOME, we are dedicated and focused on connecting with our customers. You will always walk away with a positive feeling, knowing the item you bought for yourself or are gifting for a special person in your life was created with honest materials and responsible practices. This very passion adds value to all of our pieces and authenticates our collections. Purchase, gift or use an etúHOME piece and you will agree, it just feels right.