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Legal Disclaimer

Before using the website, please read the following disclaimer carefully, which regulates the use of the website and all information that appears on it.

Introductory provisions

  1. The scope of this legal disclaimer (hereinafter referred to as Disclaimer) covers the website operated under the domain name and owned by the etuHome-EMEAA Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: etuHome) (hereinafter referred to: Website). The visitors and registered users of the Website (hereinafter collectively referred to as User) accept this disclaimer by implied behavior (by accessing the Website, or by navigating or browsing on it), and its provisions are recognized as binding on then.
  2. Details of the onwer, operator of the Website and of the hosting service provider

   Details of the Service provider
Name: etuHome – EMEAA Kft.

Seat: 1134 Budapest, Váci út 33.

Company registry number: 01-09-279742

Name of registering authority (court): Registry Court of the Metropolitan Court

Name of representative: József Antal Böröcz

Tax number: 25517974-2-41

EU tax number: HU25517974


Telephone number: +36-1-793-4233

Details of the hosting service provider

Name: Shopify Inc.

Seat: 151 O’Connor Street Ground floor, Ottawa, ON K2P 2L8 Canada


  1. The website is intended exclusively for natural persons living in Europe, as well as for companies, organizations having their seat, place of activity in Europe, so all information relating to products, services and promotions apply to sales in the territory of Europe. Determining access to the services is the exclusive competence of the etuHome.







Terms of use

  1. The Users may use the Website exclusively at their own risk.
  2. Nothing in the Declaration shall aim at limiting any rights of the User, that cannot be legally restricted.
  3. The Website is freely available by anyone, but only people over the age of 16 are allowed to create a User account.
  4. Hungarian law shall apply to the contents of this Declaration.
  5. The language of the Declaration shall be English. In the event of any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the interpretation of this Declaration, the Hungarian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Content of the Website

  1. The etuHome places information on the Website relating to its goods and services for information purposes and they are not considered as advice.
  2. The etuHome reserves the right to change, modify, develop or delete the content of the Website in whole or in part, at any time, without prior notice.
  3. The content of the Website has been compiled by the etuHome with utmost care and will take all necessary measures to ensure that the published data correspond to reality, however, it may nevertheless contain clerical mistakes, inaccuracies, for which etuHome is not responsible.

12.Az etuHome shall not be liable for any damages, losses, costs that may arise from the use of the Website, its unusability, failure to function, malfunction, unauthorized alteration of the data by anyone, or from delays in the transmission of information, computer viruses, or due to a system error or other similar reason.  


  1. The content of the Website, including but not limited to text, design, software, images, graphics, audio, audiovisual material, recordings, source code and any other content, shall be considered as copyright and copyright belongs to etuHome as owner, except in cases wher other sources are indicated in a specific document, article or other material or, relating to the copyright, other communication is made than that of this Declaration.
  2. Without prior written consent of the etuHome it is forbidden to multiply, copy for business purposes, store, use for business purposes, make available, circulate, distribute the whole of or any part of the Website (including marks and brands indicated on the Website) exceeding the information purpose.
  3. It is forbidden to change or distort the whole or part of the Website, to include it in another document (blog, website, printed document) without the prior written consent of the etuHome as author.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, the information on the Website may be distributed with unchanged content, indicating the source, for information purposes. All copies made by the Users (excluding the hard disk version of the website) shall contain the following copyright notice: Copyright@etuHome. All rights reserved.


17.The intellectual works (articles, publications) of third parties published on the Website may only be used in accordance with the provisions of Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright.


  1. Purchasing or ordering on the Website does not, however, the use of certain parts and functions of the Website requires and the provision of personal data. Following the registration, the User does not acquire exclusive rights to access the content and functions provided by eutHome.
  2. The ID and password may only be used by the User in his own name, their transfer to third parties is prohibited. The User is liable for damages resulting from his own fault, including any damages caused by the use of the User’s own account data by an authorised third party. The etuHome shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the User’s account information by an unauthorised third party.
  3. If the User becomes aware of any unauthorised access to the User’s account data by using the User’s account data or the attempt thereof, he shall immediately notify the etuHome thereof, the User is liable for any damage resulting from the failure to notify.
  4. Users are obliged to change the passwords and IDs provided during the registration immediately upon request of the Website.
  5. The etuHome logs, archives, and, in the case of an unusual event, analyzes the events that occur in the system.
  6. The etuHome shall treat the data provided during the registration in accordance with the Data processing Information .

Website security

  1. The Users shall not violate or shall not attempt to violate the security of the Website.

    25. It is not allowed to access data not intended for the User or to login to a server or ID to which the User is not entitled.

    26. It is prohibited to attempt to investigate, spy on, test vulnerabilities in the system or network, or to violate system security or authorization measures without proper authorization.

Links to other websites

  1. The Website may include switching points (so-called hyperlinks or hyperreferences), that navigate to other internet websites. The downloaded content viewed by using of external references, is not under the influence of the etuHome. The use of then content achieved through the references shall be the responsibility of the User.
    28. The website only provides access to the linked websites, the etuHome does not assume any obligation or responsibility for the linked websites or the information placed on them, even if they have been reviewed or approved by an employee or agent of etuHome.




  1. The etuHome does not take for any content created, transmitted, stored, made available or published by third parties to which the website is linked or to which it refers. The euHome is not responsible for compliance with the confidentiality and data protection practices of the owner of another website.

Closing provisions

  1. The etuHome reserves the right to change this declaration, which will in all cases be notified to the User on this part of the website or, in the event of a significant change, a notice will be posted on the website, and the registered users will also be notified by electronic mail.
  2. By using the Website following any changes to the disclaimer, the User accepts the change as binding on him.

Further documents

General Terms and Conditions

Data management Information

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