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Come visit our Budapest Boutique. Conveniently located in the heart of the city on Király utca.
Come visit our Budapest Boutique. Conveniently located in the heart of the city on Király utca.

Why Our Color Palette Just Got Darker

To us, the one-color design trend has truly taken over this season. The beauty of decorating with monochromatic shades is that it exudes a sense of simplicity and peace. This trend is also referred to as, two-tone, layering the same color in a space, adding dimension in an entirely new way. We anticipate the color black is going to be the new moody monochromatic color people won’t be able to get enough of this year.  


The mixture of black into a space can truly emphasize the magnitude of a simplistic design. Not only this, but the color pairs exceptionally well with metallics like gold, silver and copper. The combination of black with white can create a timeless look fit for any space looking for a more classic feel. While black can also make brighter colors pop even more than normal. 


If you, like us, are looking to make more of a bold statement within your next design, our Brasserie collection of products should be on your radar. The collection features a range of products built to endure a contemporary design, featuring a deep black color scheme and bold brass accents. For the sleek beautiful combination of brass and black, we offer the Brasserie collection in Lazy Susans, iPad and Cookbook Holders and Cake Stands. The collection name derives from the French meaning of the word, ‘Brasserie’, which translates to ‘brewery’ and is also the common name for restaurants with a classic Parisian feel, white linen tablecloths and printed menus included. 


Just like the bold and elegant look of black and gold in the kitchen, the traditional Brasserie dining experience in Paris is a notable landmark of good food and a refined dining experience. For the overall dramatic look of jet-black, we’ve extended the collection with some of our most popular serving pieces, now offered in the moody, dark color. Serving guests in style, the color makes any delicious dish stand out against its surface and draws anyone in. The boards are great for catering for a big event or something as simple as hosting friends for the night. 


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