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Five Ways To A Sustainable Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen but did you know the kitchen is also one of the easiest places to get started in making your home more green? These days, it seems like everyone’s minds are focusing more and more on sustainability and becoming mindful of not wasting resources. And why wouldn’t you when there’s so many immediate and long-term benefits of having a more earth-friendly home? Getting started in your kitchen could not be any easier with these five tips below. 


  1. Think timeless.

With your own home, it’s easy to grow tired of your design and crave a kitchen remodel. As well as expensive, kitchen remodels can also waste valuable resources, especially if five years down the road another remodel is at hand. When planning out your dream kitchen or design plans, keep sustainability in mind by picking classic designs you know you’ll love for years to come and materials that will be durable for just as long. 

Pizza Boards

  1. Only buy what you need.

As simple as it may sound, it’s easy to be wasteful of food and to buy more groceries than needed. Always be mindful of the preservation of food. An easy way to be proactive about this is by creating a weekly meal plan that utilizes all ingredients from your weekly trip to the grocery store or farmers market so no food goes to waste and it will all serve a purpose. 


  1. Energy efficient appliances.

One of the easiest ways to create a sustainable kitchen is by implementing appliances that are designed with energy efficiency in mind. It’s an easy way to be ‘green’ without lifting a finger. Essentially, you’re doing it even while you are asleep! 

  1. Opt for sustainable materials.

Just like incorporating energy efficient appliances, using sustainable materials in your kitchen is incredibly easy. Cutting boards made of plastic are not sustainable and will eventually have a shorter lifespan, while wooden cutting boards are durable and crafted from sustainable materials so you can trust that whatever you are serving on a surface you can trust. We are so concerned with what goes into our bodies, the same should go for what you serve it on. 


  1. Grow a garden.

Growing your own food is an easy step into becoming more sustainable on your own time. It’s as simple as starting a community garden or growing fresh herbs in small pots along your windowsill. Think about the money you will save from not heading to the grocery store every time you need more basil, and how great it will be for the earth as well!

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