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Why Copper Is Key In The Kitchen

Mixed metals are practically our love language at EtuHome. As a part of our passion for the luxe look of metals, copper has quickly risen to the top of our list of favorites. In fact, our Bristol collection started out as a matter of pure infatuation. While spreading out various finishes of metal and wood in our product room, it hit us. The warm glow of the metal, just so happened to be lying next to our traditional saddle finish and the contrast was extraordinary. The deep brown and the shiny metal are an unlikely pair, but one that exudes a radiant sense of contemporary elegance. Through this duo, opposites attract and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.  


Each piece of serveware in this collection can be identified by its color combination of Saddle Wood and Copper Metal. We desired a look for the kitchen that could extend the idea of copper coming across as overbearing. The beauty of copper lies in its ability to adapt to a number of styles. The subtle and simple appeal of the metal is yet another reason why we found it to be captivating and wanted to create kitchen accessories that would mirror this attribute. From this notion, our thoughts gravitated to serving boards, cake stands and tablet holders. We found these products to be small enough to incorporate the metal easily within a kitchen, but could also make a bold statement when on display or used for serving delicious eats. 


To further compliment the look of the copper and wood, we chose to create a Glass Dome that boasts a round copper handle. As you can see with most of our signature glass domes, the rim displays a copper lining around the bottom, a feature that stands out even more with the handle bearing the same finish. For a bold look, the glass dome can be paired with the matching Bristol Serving Board or Cake Stand. For something more minimalistic and simple, it looks just as striking with our White Mod Block Cake Stand. 


With the entire collection complete, there had to come a name. Our names typically come to us in various parts of the product’s journey to creation. With the Bristol collection, we drew inspiration from the beloved city of Bristol, England and the rich history of copper distilleries that are intermixed throughout England. In line with our sustainability promise, Bristol made sense to us due to its ranking as one of the most sustainable cities in England. Another key factor in deciding its name, Bristol is commonly referred to as “The Contemporary City” due to its reconstruction following World War II. This led to an anonymous decision, the contemporary collection, deserved no other name than Bristol.

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