Why We’re Seeing Frost This Summer

Summer is coming – well at least it feels like summer is on its way. With the emergence of warm weather, we are shocked to see a prominent blend of frost. No, not the frost that you may be thinking of, but a more décor-centric version that we are soaking up and incorporating anywhere we can. Integrating this fresh take on minimalist décor is not as complicated as it may appear. The addition of frosted décor in any style room can be done by just incorporating a couple different items throughout and lucky for you, we have just the thing to make it possible. 


Frosted Seltzer Bottles are a contemporary and modern touch to an otherwise classic and vintage design. In times past, seltzer bottles were dispersed like milk, left on a doorstep and filled up once again to make lovely bubbling seltzer water. Even without knowing the history of these bottles, there is no way of denying the touch of charm they exude. With the frosted look buzzing through the design world, these bottles are painted in a sheath of frosty paint, giving them texture and style. 

We love the clean look of our demijohn bottles but we truly believe the frosted effect takes them up a notch or two. While the classic bottles are clean and beautiful, this rendition is a contemporary take on the whole concept. Let the decorative bottles line your shelves one by one or pair all three together for a stunning display.   


We are not keen on traditional lighting and these Frosted Pendants fit that bill. The hanging lights look amazing over a counter or dining table giving off an ethereal glow. We love that the lights exert a subtle and contemporary look. If you are looking for an easy way to update a space, these lights are the perfect solution for you.