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Sparkling or Still? The Rise of the Seltzer Bottle

Sparkling or Still? The Rise of the Seltzer Bottle

Now a choice embellishment for vintage inspired homes, this iconic basic has an interesting, little known past.

etuHOME White Seltzer Bottles

One thing I am obsessed with is the juxtaposition of vintage and new. One of the trendiest decorative accessories that I just came across is the authentic European seltzer bottle. Not only are these bottles simple and fun because, FIZZ is always fun, but they are also bursting with history!

I recently discovered the seltzer bottle is European, circa 1790. In fact, naturally carbonated water was bottled and sold as far back as 1728. I find it remarkable that this technology, keeping the water from going flat, was invented hundreds of years ago yet the concept remains embedded in our everyday culture today.  My search revealed Seltzer bottles grew in popularity and were ultimately mass produced in varying shapes, sizes and colors in Central Europe during the early 19th century.

etuHOME Red Seltzer Bottles

Just in time for the Roaring 20’s, seltzer bottles traveled overseas to the United States. With an iconic shape and distinct personality, one could almost compare the accessibility of the seltzer bottle to today’s bottled sparkling water, like having a Perrier or LaCroix in your fridge. The bottles boomed and were delivered to homes, hotels and bars in crates throughout Europe similar to the iconic milk man in America. Commonly used to make drinks at the local soda fountain or mixed with your liquor of choice, these popular bottles were known to create instant happiness among those who drank the ‘fizzy water’.   

etuHOME Charcoal Seltzer Bottles

Seltzer Bottles, or soda siphons, are now a popular collectible due to their unique colors and markings. I also discovered that particular color hues were used to identify the time period the bottles were created. With distinct logos and etchings detailing where they were made, the hunt for similar bottles has become a favorite past-time for collectors. If you happen to find bottles in red or purple, don’t hesitate to invest as they are super rare!

etuHOME Colorful Seltzer Bottles

At etuHOME, we are constantly trying to give new life to vintage items. We have given the already sleek seltzer bottle a modern touch by adding high gloss paint to the bottle. A once traditional and rustic item is instantly updated for your modern home. Our seltzer bottles boast their original top which of course contributes character and allows them to keep their vintage feel. For us, these bottles have fast become our personal decorating fave.  For me personally, it’s the pop of color that’s just the bee's knees!

europe2you Found Seltzer Bottles

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