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Our Candle Wanderlust

When it comes to candles, I like to think of myself as sort of an unofficial expert. No matter the scent, size or color, I enjoy a good candle more than the next guy. So far, I have been in love with the etúHOME candle collection. Each and every candle is culinary inspired and is named after the European city that holds its tried and true ingredients. Aix en Provence is one of my ultimate faves. With notes of rosemary and sage, this candle is fresh and fragrant. The rosemary and sage scents were acquired because in Aix, you can find the two ingredients growing wild within the hills of the countryside. That is how each candle is created, inspired by a distant city and created in Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. Every time I take in a deep breath when my candle is lit, it’s like being transported somewhere in Europe. Which feels pretty good if you ask me. Now knowing my love for etúHOME candles, you can only imagine the excitement I felt about our three new candles.

The first new candle scent is to die for. Inspired by the café culture in Vienna, Austria the ‘Vienna’ candle is a must buy. The blend of espresso and biscuit within the candle is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The sweetness of the biscuit pairs well with the familiar aroma of my favorite caffeinated beverage. In Vienna, espresso or ‘kurzer’ is made to order in just 25 seconds. Baristas in Vienna have been perfecting their brewing method for the past 100 years and now have it down to a science. Now, the warm scent of coffee and fresh baked treats is one that I don’t have to venture to a local coffeehouse to find. I even had a friend who hates the taste of coffee, breathe in the candle and love it! I’ve hit the candle jackpot with this one. 

Next up, is the Porto-Vecchio candle. The sea port city is located in Corsica, France and is known for it’s sunny and dry climate that makes it ideal for planting fig trees. Because of its great climate, there are an abundance of the fragrant fruit trees, which is what inspired the ripened fig and crisp sea salt aromas that make up the candle. From what I’ve gathered, this seems to be a really universally liked scent. I foresee this quickly becoming one of the best sellers, a frequent gift item and a staple in every home. Especially the beautiful large candle that comes in this scent, amazing!


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