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One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen

I’m not quite sure how it all started, but it seems like everywhere I turn, someone is redoing their kitchen. It’s true, the rise of interior design Instagrams, home makeover television shows and the ever-present Pinterest are creating a kitchen overhaul across America. When I find myself wanting to completely renovate a space, often I can revive it with just one special touch. An easy way to transform your kitchen, without tearing down walls or opening a pail of paint is to just update your light fixtures! It’s amazing what bringing a little light into a space can do! 

Set of three Artisanal Pendants 

There’s obviously plenty of ways to enhance your kitchen through lighting. You can choose a color variety or shades of mixed metals to bring in an extra element of style. I’ve recently found myself dreaming about incorporating the new etúHOME Artisanal Pendant Lights into my space. Whether it’s over my kitchen island or my dining table, I think the alternating shapes and sizes of the fixtures would seriously give life to my kitchen area. 

Artisanal Vase 

The pendants are all handcrafted, cut from their signature Artisanal Vases – a really cool and unique concept. I gravitate towards the clear, recycled glass because I love the light and airy feel it brings, especially when intended for the kitchen. I also am a huge fan of an exposed Edison bulb, which gives off an antique, lived-in feel. Last but not least, there’s a small rim of copper that graces the bottom of these pendants, when it catches the light which gives off a subtle glow. 

What kind of lights would you pick if you could replace your current ones? Would you choose something totally out of your comfort zone or stick to a more traditional style?

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