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How To Set Up Your Kitchen For Success

It is known that the best memories are always made in the kitchen. Whether it is passing down a family recipe, cooking a weekend brunch or celebrating friends with a glass of rosé, the kitchen is my safe haven. One thing that I’ve learned is everything becomes easier when pride of place is applied. Having a dedicated place for important kitchen items, sets me up for success. Here’s a few of my faves… keep them at arm’s length.

etuhome kitchen

I start by placing a Cutting Board front and center, it lives on my counter or leans up against my backsplash. The one seen above in prime real estate is the etúHOME Double Handle European Cutting Board. When preparing a dish and needing a quick chop of some veggies or meat, I can easily grab the board without missing a beat. I give myself extra points if my cutting board doubles as a Charcuterie Board, like the Oak and Beech varieties etúHOME offers. Then I can use it to throw together a quick veg platter when unexpected guests arrive.   


It kind of goes without saying, but a Knife Block is a great and useful thing to have in the kitchen. I like to stand mine next to the stove. I’ve noticed most out on the market sacrifice style for functionality and luckily I don’t have that issue with any of the blocks at etúHOME. The nice thing about a knife block sold without knives is that you can really customize it to contain exactly what you want. Whatever your style or purpose, you can snag a great one there. 


When it comes to cooking, I’m not always Julia Child. However, I do love to discover new recipes, printed and electronically. After a busy week, I tend to forget recipes no matter how frequently I am using them. Anyone else suffer from the problem? To solve any forgetfulness in the kitchen, I lean on my iPad/Tablet Holder to hold the instructions, whether it’s a stained cookbook passed down from my grandmother or my shiny, new iPad so I can quickly consult Pinterest. When not in use, this item sits in the corner of my counter with a timeworn family cookbook proudly on display. 


There just is something so welcoming when you walk into a kitchen and see a fresh bouquet of flowers. It’s always my go-to advice for anyone looking to amplify a space. I love keeping a flower vase on my kitchen counter or table to serve as a friendly greeting. It has become a Saturday morning tradition after I’ve come home from the market to throw together a fresh bunch inspired by the season. Right now I have my 5L Mason Jar filled with burgundy dahlias to give my kitchen a pop of rich fall color. 

Lastly, a fruit bowl is a great piece to place on a counter for easy snacking. My Demijohn Bowl from etúHOME gets fresh fruit straight from the farmer’s market every time I get home. The glass bowl not only looks pretty, but also keeps my fruit in eye’s view reminding me that it’s there so I can eat it when it’s still ripe! Currently, mine is topped with freshly picked apples from the local orchard.

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