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Decorating With Chalkboards 101: Why We Love Ours

Decorating With Chalkboards 101: Why We Love Ours

Schoolhouse Chalkboards

I’m always searching for ways to stay on top of things when it comes to organization. If you are a list maker like me, or you just like beautiful things, then you may want to listen to what I’m about to share with you. Ready? Chalkboards are pretty much your everyday lifesaver.

Versatility, sustainability, functionality and beauty, these guys have it all. In fact, I owe it to my chalkboard for keeping me sane through my daily chaos. I especially love that they are an eco-friendly option for staying organized because I can erase and rewrite whatever my heart desires without wasting any paper. Chalk one up for sustainability! I should also mention, there are some beautiful chalkboards out there that supplement the rustic, yet modern farmhouse look I have going on in my home. Today, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite boards!

Tabletop Bistro Chalkboard
The Bistro Chalkboard

Inspired by the French cafe menus that travel from table to table, this one is going to be your entertaining sidekick. Lightweight and small size, it’s ideal for the top of your drink table to identify your carefully curated wine selection or to write little sayings for the moments you will be celebrating with friends and family. Don’t be surprised the next time you come over to my house and see this board greeting you, it’s that good.

Rope Schoolhouse Vintage Chalkboard
The School Chalkboard

When it comes to chalkboards, this one has all the bases covered. It’s magnetic, perfect for grocery lists and has a shelf to keep your chalk in place. For me, what sets this board apart is the rope detail that delivers a nautical feeling, keeping the board casual while still maintaining a cool, sleek look. This is a favorite for those who need a lot of open space to write or doodle.

Wall Hanging Cafe Chalkboard
The Cafe Chalkboard

Modeled after a French antique, this chalkboard breathes life into a dull room. I love to use mine for menu planning and as a weekly calendar so I can stay up to date with all my meetings and very important lunch dates. Featuring three different sections, this board simplifies how you organize your thoughts. While just one of these chalkboards does the trick, displaying two or three on a wall, it transforms into an organizational dream.

So, don’t just talk chalk, get organized with one of my three faves above!

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