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All That Glitters

You’ve heard the saying, “all that glitters is gold,” but in our case it’s silver, too. Metallic colors are back and they can bring a spark to any room particularly during the holiday season. 


We think the addition of metallics into the home complement numerous styles and décor. The luxurious accents of gold, silver and even copper, place an emphasis on quality, while our frosted effect offers texture. The incorporation of shiny painted metallics can intensify a regal, heirloom or a Parisian aesthetic by mixing old and new materials. These glimmering accents draw out touches of silver and gold from all of your holiday décor and accessories. 


Our Colorblock Mason Jars in Silver Frost and Gold Frost are the perfect touch to add warmth into any space. The clear jars are contemporary all by their lonesome, but the metallic paint adds a unique flair. Whether you’re partial to gold or silver, the frosted texture of the glass vases provides a sense of youthful vibrancy and elegance. In addition to our Mason Jars, our Seltzer Bottles are an impressive statement maker. The bottles are a troublefree embellishment to incorporate into any display, open shelving or glass vitrine. Hands down, this is our go-to accessory.

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