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A Candle for every friend in your life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or at least it’s about to be! I love to stock up on holiday gifts and get the ball rolling before the big crowds set in. My personal secret? I avoid the crowds all together and shop online. Shopping online is a breeze for me and I think it all comes down to making sure I know exactly what gifts will stand out not only to me, but to my friends as well.

The etúHOME candle collection has a range of fragrances, each with individual characteristics. The European city-inspired candle collection is so fun and smells so amazing, that I wanted to share with you some of my personal faves. These gifts are perfect for anyone, but I hand selected a candle for each of my friends to match their sparkling personalities. 


Everyone has that one friend that always seems to have everything together. She’s the type A, the leader and she may also be a little outspoken. Know her? We’ve all got one, and if you don’t, it may just be you. Our Palermo candle contains the refreshing scent of lemon and ginger. The clean aroma is ideal for the friend who is known as the leader of the pack that always has fresh towels and sheets and pulls out the apps and wine for every get-together. 

Fancy a coffee anyone? Your friend that’s full of fun and laughter and never slows down does. She’s your gossip guru and she deserves a Vienna candle. The exciting combination of espresso and biscuit has just the right amount of sweet smelling buzz to keep up with your fast-talking friend. Not to mention, the scent pairs well with an impromptu coffee date at your girlfriend’s home to hear all of the latest and greatest news. 


If you find yourself at a new restaurant every week, and it’s all thanks to your girlfriend, you have got to get her hands on a Napoli candle. As soon as she lights it, the rich scent of basil and tomato fill the room and it’s like a Margherita pizza is cooking right in your oven. A candle this extraordinary is especially appreciated by the local foodie in your friend group. 


She’s got wanderlust on the brain and is impossible to get in touch with because she’s always in a far-away place. If any of your friends have the travel bug, they deserve nothing more than the Budapest candle. The candle combines the light scents of cucumber and dill, the same that you would experience with a traditional Hungarian salad. Let your jet-setting friend know she doesn’t have to travel to Budapest to get the full experience, she just has to have this fragrant scent drifting through her home. 


I must say, you have friends and then you have your best friends and this is a “best friend” kind of gift. I say that because it has a large presence and mine has been known to pick me up every now and then when I am having a bad day, like a best friend would. The vessel holding the pretty white candle is a recycled glass bowl featuring a copper rim and a glass seal. I am constantly getting compliments on mine, even when it’s not lit! The Porto-Vecchio scent boasts the sweet aroma of fig and sea salt and is universally liked by all. A candle that is this loved deserves to be in the arms of your BFF.

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