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Your Shelving Solution

One of the most important assets to merchandising is the vessel used to display your goods available for purchase. Luckily, with the open shelving trend underway, we have a great set of shelves and brackets for all your display needs. We’re providing you with a few different options because shelves are something you must incorporate in your storefront, display, or home design.

Available in both a 3 foot and 4 foot variety, our wooden shelves are made entirely from reclaimed wood, making them an environmentally friendly choice for the sustainable buyer. With the option of two different lengths, they can be a fitting solution for any size wall. The wooden shelves can also be purchased in a rustic, deep brown or a fresh whitewashed finish.


By incorporating shelving, you are freeing up space in the room and taking advantage of vertical wall space that is often forgotten about. Shelves can add dimension to a display and by lifting the merchandise or featured products off of the ground, it increases their visibility. In addition to having a light versus a dark color option, we also offer two different styles of salvaged iron brackets to support and mount your shelves. The first is a simple bracket, featuring a clean and straightforward design.


The second, is a detailed bracket which forges a classical design. These little details allow the shelves to highlight different kinds of style variations and truly make a statement in any space. Shelves can ensure that everything has a place and likewise, that there is a place for everything.


When it comes to displaying on open shelving, the opportunities are endless. Group together the same item for a striking mass display or allow individual and unique products to deck the classic shelves.

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