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Come visit our Budapest Boutique. Conveniently located in the heart of the city on Király utca.
Come visit our Budapest Boutique. Conveniently located in the heart of the city on Király utca.

From Provence, With Love

The time has come to showcase one of our staple furniture pieces. The Provence Table was inspired by an antique farmtable found in the countryside of Provence, France. Handcrafted with nothing but reclaimed wood, the table’s natural beauty speaks for itself. The classic design of the kitchen table leaves little to the imagination with sturdy legs and a traditional apron.


The region of Provence, France is known for its laid back and easy going lifestyle. In Provence, meals are never rushed and often are enjoyed in 3-4 courses. Those local to Provence know the importance of savoring every moment, especially when it comes to eating. The table is the central aspect of this idea, transcending into why we designed a piece where friends and family could come together and enjoy life like those in Provence. Not to mention the table width is perfect for serving food family style and built for passing around platters of delicious food, sharing recipes and community. 


The Provence Table not only mirrors the slow and enjoyable lifestyle that can be found in the region it drew inspiration from, it also brings an element of the outside, in. With the planked wood top, the natural beauty of the rich wood can be easily distinguished. For those looking for a clean and more modern look, the table also comes in saddle with white legs. No matter the size of the party, gathering or space, the Provence Table is also offered in multiple sizes, 72”, 84”, 108” and 120”. Built for those looking for the beauty of relishing the simple things in life, the Provence Table is an obvious choice.

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